The third volume, Fundamentals of Nanomechanical Engineering originally to be co-authored with J. Storrs Hall, is still in preparation and might be published in 2009-10. Our international research collaborations, ultimately leading toward the development of a working nanofactory, are described at the Nanofactory Collaboration website.

This course textbook, intended for use by 2nd or 3rd year college students in advanced engineering programs, will provide a solid grounding in the practical design of molecular scale machines composed of rigid covalent solids, with a strong emphasis on diamond and diamondoid materials. After an introduction to the unique aspects of nanoscale machinery and a review of the computational tools currently available to assist such designs, the mechanical characteristics of key materials and the fundamentals of load, stress, stiffness, and mechanical failure in nanoscale machinery will be explored in detail. This will be followed by discussions and examples of specific nanomechanical components and compound machines including bearings, fasteners, gears, linkages, drive mechanisms, motors and pumps, mechanical energy controllers, sensors, and programmable materials. Subscribe to our email lists for future updates. We will then send you more information about our website and book in a form of a custom essay which will state clearly all the facts about what you need and will be useful when you resume reading the book. By joing our email lists your are doing yourself a big favor. If you are interested in learning more about robot and 3D technology, then make sure to visit Jordan French, a local Austin entrepreneur that is doing exciting things with 3D printing and NASA -